The purpose of the Open Access libraries, and the solicitation to register for access to that library, was to openly share certain research output as examples of what could be found in the Premium Access Library, and to assess levels of interest in various themes. The Open Access libraries originally contained traditionally-formatted reports (i.e. – PDF documents) and various exhibits (i.e. – Powerpoint slides). The Open Exhibit Library was an assembly of all the exhibits that had been published in the various Feed posts.

For technical and administrative reasons, Alphacution has temporarily discontinued updates to these libraries until such time as the functionality and security of the various site components can be enhanced for ease of maintenance and navigation.

For those of you who have registered to access these components of Alphacution’s research archive via our original login functionality, we have assembled those documents that were made available for download as follows. For the foreseeable future, additional document downloads will be found in specific Feed posts:

1) Executive Summary: The Context Machine: Estimating Asset Manager Technology Spending (April 2018) – available for purchase from Alphacution or distribution alliance partner, Aite Group.

2) IT Services and Strategic Impacts for Global Banks: The Force Multiplier (published June 2017, via distribution alliance with Aite Group)

3) Alphacution Return on Technology Explained (published March 2017)

4) Alphacution Research Roadmap 2017 (published January 2017)

5) Introducing the T-Greeks: Techno-Operational Analytics from Financial Services Enterprises (published May 2016, via distribution alliance with Aite Group)

6) Quantifying the Transformation: Benchmarking TCO for Global Banks (commissioned by Thomson Reuters, published May 2016)

For those of you who desire to go the extra mile and review the assembly of exhibits that have been posted to the Open Exhibit Library, please send an email to and request shared access to this archive.