Retail Equity Flow Acquisition Costs: Heart of the ‘Price Improvement’ Mechanism – Part IV (Conclusion)

In the conclusion to Parts I, II, and III of this series, Alphacution assembles its findings in terms of total retail equity order flow 'acquisition costs'; some insights into the wholesaler strategy behind why they pay these costs; and a simplified recommendation to the SEC...

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Heart of the “Price Improvement” Mechanism – Part I

Given the approaching timing of the SEC's proposed overhaul of US equity market structure, Alphacution takes its analysis of 605 data to a new level with this one (using Citadel Securities as the initial example). Nearly four years of monthly price improvement rates per share and net price improvement values by order size and order type categories are among the highlights here...

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The Mother of All PFOF Charts – Q3 2022 Edition, Part II

Part II - Equity PFOF Volumes / Wholesaler Market Shares: Alphacution organizes and distills 33 months of payment for order flow (PFOF) data from 14 retail brokers and 13 wholesale market makers to place a wide-angle frame around the US Securities and Exchange Commission's upcoming proposals for a major equities market structure overhaul...

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