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It’s 13F Season Again. Simplex Trading Goes First

In a world of ultra-fierce competition among proprietary traders, it has become increasingly challenging for newer, smaller players to succeed. We have been keeping a close eye on two players who appear to be bucking this trend above the rest. One of them is option market maker, Simplex Trading. In this Feed post, Alphacution showcases the latest 13F reporting to test for signals of Simplex's ongoing success...

By |2021-04-28T00:56:38-04:00April 28th, 2021|For Subscribers|

The Mother of All 2020 PFOF Charts

Assembling 4 quarterly reports comprised of 12 monthly sets of figures segmented by 3 securities categories and 4 order types across 12 retail brokerage entities and a subset of some 14 wholesale market makers - each number within which, by the way, painstakingly entered by hand - in order to slice and dice an entire annualized data set from any angle and still have everything add up exactly the same was both a pain in the ass and a labor of love...

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Note to The Market Structure Club on Comparative Order Routing Rates

Following an impromptu gaggle of market structure nerds on the new social media app, Clubhouse, featuring Larry Tabb (Head of Market Structure Research, Bloomberg Intelligence) and Alex Gerko (CEO, XTX Markets), Alphacution offers a comparative ranking of 2020 retail order routing rates...

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