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Citadel Securities, SIG: An Analysis of Single-Security vs Index Option Allocations

Alphacution compares the two largest players in US equity options - SIG affiliate, Susquehanna Securities and Citadel Securities - based on a 10-year period of allocations to single security options (SSOs) and equity index options, including indications of scale variance, key factor preferences, and strategy shifts...

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The Evolving Value of Edge (Silver and Premium Subscribers)

What is the value of trading edge? Using "revenue per employee" as a comparative indicator, Alphacution dives deeper than ever before into Virtu Financial's market making business. The results cause a dramatic re-ranking of Virtu in a list of 10 market makers - plus a few other fascinating findings...

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Retail Equity Flow Acquisition Costs: Heart of the ‘Price Improvement’ Mechanism – Part IV (Conclusion)

In the conclusion to Parts I, II, and III of this series, Alphacution assembles its findings in terms of total retail equity order flow 'acquisition costs'; some insights into the wholesaler strategy behind why they pay these costs; and a simplified recommendation to the SEC...

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Wanted: A White Knight In Cryptoland

The dramatic implosion of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried's crypto empire is a huge and very fast moving story - with new revelations, about the details leading up to SBF's collapse and the contagion risks embedded in crypto markets as a result of that collapse, surfacing by the hour. Here, Alphacution assimilates a sample of the most thoughtful commentary on the current crypto saga as backdrop for its list of proprietary trading firms who represent possible "white knights"...

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Alphacution Publishes “The Proprietary Traders, Part I – Global Roster and Select Rankings”

Alphacution publishes latest case study, "The Proprietary Traders, Part I - Global Roster and Select Rankings." Find the Introduction section from the first part of this multi-part series here... The full case study is available to premium subscribers or via individual document purchase.

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