About Paul Rowady

Paul Rowady is the Director of Research for Alphacution Research Conservatory, a research and strategic advisory platform uniquely focused on modeling and benchmarking the impacts of technology on global financial markets and the businesses of trading, asset management and banking. He is a 30-year veteran of the proprietary, quantitative and derivatives trading arenas. Contact:; Follow: @alphacution.

Billions of Odd Lots: Heart of the “Price Improvement” Mechanism – Part III

In a continuation from Parts I and II of this series, Alphacution presents a 20-chart walk through the remaining steps it needed to estimate the net price improvement value of odd lot shares - and thus, the total NPIV for all retail order size categories related to wholesale equity market maker, Citadel Securities, over the period 2020 - 2022...

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Heart of the “Price Improvement” Mechanism – Part I

Given the approaching timing of the SEC's proposed overhaul of US equity market structure, Alphacution takes its analysis of 605 data to a new level with this one (using Citadel Securities as the initial example). Nearly four years of monthly price improvement rates per share and net price improvement values by order size and order type categories are among the highlights here...

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