#DigitalTransformation: (More) Clues to Shifting Financial Services Technology (Part II)

The following is Part 2 in the series “#DigitalTransformation: Clues to Shifting FinTech” published on November 2, 2015. Digital crumbs don’t discriminate. They illuminate everything. True to this, and despite intense focus on cloud-based offerings, infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and other managed services solutions, the digital transformation in the financial services industry (FSI) is by no means confined to hardware. Software development in FSI is in the midst of its own revolution, as well. In either case, and by my my estimation, overall fintech is now entering its third year of “white-hotness.” As a reminder, in Part 1 of this commentary, we highlighted growing evidence of the shift from capital expenditures (“capex”) to operating expenses (“opex”) for hardware and other infrastructure. In an upcoming post, we will dig a bit deeper into this theme by showcasing what the previously announced multi-billion dollar outsourcing deal between Deutsche Bank and Hewlett Packard (February 24, 2015) means for IaaS and other managed services adoption in FSI generally and for large global banks in specific – [...]