Forbes Loves Alphacution: “Software is Eating the World, Starting With Finance”

< Originally published by Tom Groenfeldt, Contributor, Forbes - July 31, 2018 > On its way to eating the world, software is eating up bank IT budgets, according to Paul Rowady, CEO of the consultancy Alphacution. Marc Andreessen, the venture capitalist, is the author of the famous quote about the general rise of software. Rowady, who is developing sophisticated models around finance and technology, sees software eating up IT budgets and crimping spending on hardware at banks. He thinks that compliance is to blame, something he plans to look at in more detail  in a future study. “Going back a few years I saw software needs crowding out hardware needs, and that led to the adoption of cloud and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). There is no off-the-shelf solution for enterprise-wide compliance, so a lot of budget went to that and couldn’t be used for other needs.” Compliance presents a challenge for big banks. “A lot of these larger players were loose conglomerations of businesses that had been bolted together for [...]

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Thomson Reuters publishes “Quantifying the Transformation”

Everything takes longer than you initially think it will. Never a truer statement made, particularly when it comes to the following: Negotiated, commissioned and subsequently developed  - and then re-vamped - for completion on an expedited timeline last spring (2016), our first annual deep-dive study into technology spending patterns among the largest global banks was only recently published by client-partner Thomson Reuters. We have referenced this work and output regularly over the past several months, but there is something special about having a partner bring it to light. We are grateful to finally put this corner-stone credential in place. Access Thomson Reuter's "chapterized" version here or the entire document here:  Enjoy.  There is much more of this output - and key developments surrounding that output - on the way soon...

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#Transformation and TCO | Numerix Video Blog Series

Understanding FinTech #Transformation:  In this FOURTH of a five part video blog series Jim Jockle, CMO of Numerix sits down with Paul Rowady, Director of Research at Alphacution to discuss the concept of #Transformation. Jim and Paul provide their perspectives on the latest examples of transformation they’re observing in the financial services industry specifically around the cross section of IT spending trends, software vs hardware investment, human capital expense, IT infrastructure, data management and risk analytics innovations. The five segments cover: Defining #Transformation within Financial Services Quantifying #Transformation The Cost of #Transformation #Transformation and TCO: Hewlett Packard Enterprise & Deutsche Bank Case Study Investing in #Transformation: What’s the ROI? Video 4: #Transformation and TCO: Hewlett Packard Enterprise & Deutsche Bank Case Study Jim Jockle (Host): Hi, welcome back to Numerix video blog, I'm your host Jim Jockle. Joining me today, Paul Rowady Director of Research at Alphacution. Hey Paul. Paul Rowady (Guest): Thanks, Jim. Good to be here. Jockle:  Continuing our conversation on quantifying transformation. So we’ve talked about the [...]

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#PassingTheBuck: DB-HPE Tech Outsourcing Deal, 1-Year Anniversary

Squeezing more performance from less costly technology footprints is a perpetual imperative for all businesses in the digital age. Unlike the latest – and ongoing – turbulence on the surface of the global markets seas, something slower, somewhat mysterious and much more evolutionary is going on down in the deep. One might argue that the largest global banks head the list of those businesses that are among the most in need of “more-for-less” transformation. As a result, monitoring the impact of events such as the Deutsche Bank – Hewlett Packard Enterprises information technology outsourcing (ITO) deal is of such importance. Alphacution has developed a detailed and quantitative case study to illustrate the bank- and business division-specific - impacts of this arrangement as well as the implications for improved monitoring of the transformations of other large entities in the financial services industry (FSI) ecosystem. First, some quick background:  On February 24, 2015, Deutsche Bank (DB) and Hewlett-Packard (since re-configured as Hewlett Packard Enterprises – or HPE) announced a 10-year,”multibillion dollar” agreement [...]

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Ever wonder what the global financial services ecosystem spends on technology? I have - obsessively. The size and shifts of this market – and the tapestry of moving parts within it – is extremely valuable intelligence for all players in the FSI ecosystem. Moreover, with the intense focus in recent years on topics like “XaaS”, clouds, solid state memory, Hadoop clusters and so many other symbols of fintech innovation it is abundantly clear that this is the one puzzle that needs to be solved. Problem is: crossing the bridge from here to there while keeping a credible process intact is sufficiently complicated to dissuade most sane contenders from attempting the feat. Of course, that is unless you are someone who thrives on solving insanely complex puzzles that defy common temperaments. Simply put: It all starts by following the money, which by the way is also a decent proxy for following the data. My Uncle Lewis was a stockbroker in Detroit for most of his 89 years. He was the kind of [...]

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