Alphacution Press: Time Magazine on Peak6 Co-Founder Jenny Just

"I tell women, ‘You don’t have to be a trader the rest of your life. But if you can understand options, you can sit at any table in any industry, in any position, and understand what’s going on with the money. And that’s where all the decisions are.' "Jenny Just, Co-Founder, Peak6 This one lands a little close to home for me... Jenny Just and I were contemporaries - in both cases, our first jobs out of college; in both cases, within the equity options group - at O'Connor & Associates (OCA) in the early 1990's. Since then, we've been on dramatically different journeys, as explained in Time Magazine's recent profile "The Female Billionaire Thinks the Secret to Women's Wealth Is Poker." by editor-at-large, Belinda Luscombe... It will not mean much to most readers here, however, to be quoted in the same paragraph as "the brain" - Clay Struve - around which so much of OCA's success was built is quite an achievement, particularly from the perspective of my younger [...]

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Deep Dive: European ETP Spread Analysis For Systematic Internalisers

In this 34-page, 36-exhibit, 6,400-word Focus Note, "European ETP Spread Analysis For Systematic Internalisers," Alphacution publishes its findings from the core research objectives of this project: 1) credibly quantify the theoretical "gross" spread value for ETPs traded on LSEG, 2) credibly quantify the portion of this value for SIs, and 3) illuminate or elevate any other clues about the trading preferences of SIs.

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Playback Thursday: Alphacution Participates in DTCC Active Management Event

For those interested in a discussion about the "Robinhood Effect," the "retail flow factor," and other timely topics related to a deranged and deranging stock market, a playback of the June 10th DTCC event, "Active Management and the Critical Role of Data," can be accessed herein...

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