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"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." - Albert Einstein The following downloadable content represent samples of premium research from Alphacution's ongoing mission to measure, model and benchmark the evolutionary impacts of technology on global financial markets and the trading, asset management, and banking businesses they serve. Inquiries on how to establish enterprise subscriptions and access the complete library of premium content should be directed to Executive Summary: Case Study on Two Sigma Investments, LP and Affiliates In this 51-page, 61-exhibit case study on one of the most successful quantitative trading firms launched since the dawn of the 21st century  - Two Sigma Investments, LP - Alphacution presents the next in its series of unprecedented reports based on its modeling of many of the most mythological players and impactful themes operating within the current global asset management ecosystem. Of particular note, this report includes a groundbreaking comparative analysis of key strategy parameters between Two Sigma and D. E. Shaw, with additional analytical comparisons that include Millennium Management [...]

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