Thomas Murray Covers Alphacution: Measuring the FinTech Payback

Originally published on the Thomas Murray website on August 20, 2018 Conversation with Paul Rowady, Director of Research, Alphacution Research Conservatory What is Alphacution? Alphacution is the first digitally-oriented research and strategic advisory platform focused on developing a centralized "market intelligence asset" by modeling, measuring, and benchmarking technology spending patterns, and the operational impacts of those investment decisions. The Alphacution platform is specifically designed to deliver an empirical and quantitatively-backed perspective on the effect of financial services industry spending for an institutional client network. This mission starts by modeling individual companies - banks, asset managers, hedge funds, solution providers, and others - using publicly available data. Our model library currently consists of more than 250 such companies. From there, sector composite models - like global banking, IT services, and asset management - are developed by aggregating individual models. Ultimately, sector composite models come together to represent the full view of the largest parts of the financial services industry. Where data on technology spending and other operational dynamics are not available, [...]