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Feed Your Cognitive Taste Buds: Collaboration Will Expedite Validation

As you gorge yourself on the latest curated fire hose of content today, this post may waft onto your cognitive taste buds like a shameless plug. Fine. Like a herd of squirrels, here comes the next and the next and the next tweet anyways, just right for your canine attention span. It's all good, and no hard feelings. We will aspire to catch you with the next tidbit or on a different modality... But for those of you who care to pause and consider the deeper value here  - I offer this reminder and some inside baseball for your own creative purposes: In parallel with the mission to deliver uncommon and data-driven intelligence for the financial services (FSI) ecosystem, Alphacution was also founded to eat at its own kitchen - which is a practice that we have discovered over many years is rarely the case with research and advisory platforms. (By the way, not pointing any fingers - its not necessarily anyone's fault. Convention is a gravitational bitch.) Translation: If [...]

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We live in a “do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do” immersion chamber. Such seemingly benign hypocrisy is so pervasive that we are blindly oblivious to it. And, though there are many targets at which we could point this critique, let’s take the research and advisory business for capital markets and financial services – since the FSI ecosystem is the purpose of the work we are starting here. Digital everything / digital anything quickly went viral; becoming the bumper sticker for 2015. Those of us in thought-leadership and punditry circles spent the last several months insisting to our clients that they absolutely must leave their analog legacies behind and become more digital immediately – or else all manner of doom and gloom will wash over them. Good news: this mantra is way overdue – and will need to be reiterated with greater specificity and maturity for the foreseeable future. And, though becoming increasingly pervasive in industries like retail and entertainment over the past several years, the concept of digital transformation is quite new to the financial [...]

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