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Susquehanna Securities and the Hidden Arbitrage Strategy – Part II

In this Feed post, Alphacution updates an analysis of Susquehanna Securities - the primary risk-warehousing affiliate of legendary options powerhouse, Susquehanna International Group (SIG) and the place where the largest piece of SIG's global market making operation resides - originally published in Dec 2020. Now, more than 3 years later, Alphacution adds significant new color to that analysis - including 12 charts - and sets the stage for a much more nuanced understanding of the broader group of option market makers...

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Virtu’s Q3 Net Trading Income Was Predictable Before Earnings Release

For wholesale market makers in US equities there appears to be a relationship between Rule 605 data and net trading income from retail order flow. For Virtu Financial, a public company and the closest example to a "pure play" in US equity wholesaling, this relationship could have been estimated before the Q3 2023 earnings release date. In this Feed post, Alphacution shares its analysis for this finding - and why it's not the most important component of this discovery...

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The Evolving Value of Edge (Silver and Premium Subscribers)

What is the value of trading edge? Using "revenue per employee" as a comparative indicator, Alphacution dives deeper than ever before into Virtu Financial's market making business. The results cause a dramatic re-ranking of Virtu in a list of 10 market makers - plus a few other fascinating findings...

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