Defining #Transformation within Financial Services | Numerix Video Blog Series

Understanding FinTech #Transformation: In this FIRST of a five part video blog series, Jim Jockle, CMO of Numerix sits down with Paul Rowady, Director of Research at Alphacution to discuss the concept of #Transformation. Jim and Paul provide their perspectives on the latest examples of transformation they’re observing in the financial services industry specifically around the cross section of IT spending trends, software vs hardware investment, human capital expense, IT infrastructure, data management and risk analytics innovations. The five segments cover: Defining #Transformation within Financial Services Quantifying #Transformation The Cost of #Transformation #Transformation and TCO: Hewlett Packard Enterprise & Deutsche Bank Case Study Investing in #Transformation: What’s the ROI? Video 1: Defining #Transformation within Financial Services Jim: Hi welcome to the Numerix Video Blog I’m your host Jim Jockle. Joining me today Paul Rowady, director of research at Alphacution. Paul, thank you for joining us. Paul: Good to be here Jim. Jim: Continuing our conversation on transformation a word that’s tossed around a lot, as an analyst, why don’t you [...]