Revolutionizing FinTech and the World of Data Automation – Numerix Video Blog Series

In this THIRD of a five-part video blog series Jim Jockle, CMO of Numerix sits down with Paul Rowady, Director of Research at Alphacution to discuss the recent FinTech Revolution. They discuss how firms are gearing themselves towards a digital culture, and how companies are working to distinguish themselves in this new age. The five videos cover the following: Part 1: Paralysis by Analysis: Preparation & Analyzation for Digital Disruption Part 2: IT Outsourcing and Transformation Part 3: Revolutionizing Fintech: Looking into the World of Data Automation Part 4: Technological Implications of Cultural Transformation Part 5: Digital Noise in the FinTech Space Jim Jockle (Host): So, you know, you bring up one of the big pain fear factors though, is giving up the data, right. So, one of the biggest barriers to the cloud and you know we’ve seen this from different companies, you know and I don’t want Google, I don’t want Microsoft to have my data. I don’t want Goldman to have my data. How much, you know [...]