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Alphacution, LLC

Alphacution, LLC was originally established in 2004 to develop a next-generation volatility-focused research platform for players in the cash equity and equity options markets based on data visualization techniques and the increasing maturity of financial market data standards. Technically speaking, a key aim of data visualization research is to discover and develop ways to amplify human cognition.  One way to do this is to increase the efficiency of information assimilation and absorption by end users.  Just like the scenario where “a picture is worth a thousand words,” we believe that the patented design of Alphacution’s catalyst mapping interface – still, nearly 25 years since its conception at O’Connor & Associates (Chicago) in 1992 – delivers far more event-related and volatility-influencing information to the end user within a single computer screen than virtually any other commercial financial markets system in existence today.  Like musical notation specifically designed for streaming information, this is made possible primarily through the creative use of symbols, proprietary and commercial taxonomies, layered content, and the leveraging of increasingly pervasive data standards.

Additionally, through the adoption of an open and collaborative technical development strategy, Alphacution envisioned that this platform could serve simultaneously as a portal to a comprehensive suite of complementary services, systems and data stores that further enhance the process of trade analysis across far more than just equity-related products. In other words, Alphacution’s catalyst mapping dashboard was designed to be a platform with unprecedented information density and unsurpassed drill-down, navigation and exploration capabilities for financial markets data flows.

One day soon, we will bring this product and vision from the past into the present. For now, we are focused on research and strategic advisory services around our core modeling, analytics and benchmarking of data- and technology-related intelligence for stakeholders in the global financial services ecosystem.