#DigitalTransformation: Clues to Shifting Financial Services Technology (Part I)

Digital crumbs are everywhere. Like the fabled trail left behind for others to follow and discover, there are fascinating clues to be harvested from increasingly abundant data. Yes, the fast-streaming and big data versions of these digital crumbs offer untold clues and patterns – but only seen after applying the latest apparatus to the chore. There are also amazing clues to be discovered by picking up one crumb at a time (often by hand) - and then assembling that collection into a vivid prototypical picture. One of the most potent forms of data innovation comes from such manual assembly of these “crumbs” followed by process refinement, technology deployment, iteration of these steps and ultimately increasing levels of automation. It’s not the glamorous end of the data innovation assembly line, but it is absolutely necessary to get there. (Thank the folks in your enterprise data management group if you like the flow of analytics to your desktop or mobile device.) Anyway, here’s a potent case in point: Some of these so-called [...]